What is the best Visa Card available right now?

The majority of people are used to pay fees for issuing and using their credit cards. Many traditional banks still make good money offering those kinds of financial services. But more and more people are not willing to pay - many times - highly overpriced products from those traditional banks. Since recent crisis and financial instabilities, constantly weaken customers' trust in established financial institutions, fintech companies, and their products especially decentralized financing and cryptocurrencies gain in popularity. But are their products practical and offer additional value on daily use?
crypto.com card - indigo

Which is the best Visa card currently available?
A great example and deal is the crypto.com MCO visa card. This card is a crypto-based debit card, which is currently issued in Europe, USA, and Singapore. The card is offered as debit card and backed by deposits made either in cryptocurrencies or fiat money such as USD or EUR. Use my referral link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/t9naf9gvt9 to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $50 USD.

Crypto.com MCO Visa card was first introduced on the market 2018 and is now the most widely available crypto card in the world. Recently the begun shipping its card to 31 countries in Europe. Their offer is now available to nearly 530 million more people who can benefit from their offers. The card can be fully managed via their own crypto.com app available for Android and iOS.

  • Different tiers available (depending on your staking input),
  • up to 5% cashback in crypto (starting with 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% for their lower tiers,
  • now (for may, june 2020) 10% cashback for essential purchases,
  • 100% rebate on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon prime (depending on tier),
  • Airport lounge access for selected cards,
  • no-fee ATM withdrawals,
  • contact less pay
  • metal card
  • no regulations and governmental backing
  • relatively high deposits needed (up to 250.000 EUR for highes tier)
  • high crypto volatility