When is the best time to buy the new iPhone 11?

Recently Apple announced their iPhone lineup for 2019 - the iPhone 11 models. Apple products have always been considered extremely stable in price. All the more surprising it appears that one will see significant price reductions after about 2.5 months from the launch. This price reduction cn be up to 20%. This would result in a saving of 225 Euros for the most expensive variant the iPhone 11 Pro Max. So the best time to by the iPhone 11 will be in December 2019. Why can be say so?

Price trend clearly recognizable

Even for last year's entry-level model, the iPhone XR, the price reduces about 18% by the beginning of December. Extrapolated for this year's equivalent, the iPhone 11, this would mean a saving of around 144 Euros. This price trend is also evident for the 2017 released iPhone 8 Plus. Only for the iPhone X, the price break was not that strong. The high demand and delivery bottlenecks have reduced the price by only 11% (or € 131) and kept it relatively stable over the Christmas season. This situation is not expected for this year's releases.

Mark the 6th and 7th of December

The days before Mary's conception (8.12) represent the absolute price depression point. In the historical price data of the last years, the 6th and 7th of December can be clearly identified as the cheapest purchase times for iPhones. After that, prices also start to pick up noticeably, dropping very slowly from January onwards. Sometimes, even after 10 months on the market, the low prices of December are not undercut.

Too high entry price

This year, someone who is interested in the latest iPhone need to take 799 Euros in hand for the cheapest iPhone 11 model. Even if the approximately 20% price reduction in December are deducted, that still makes 640 Euros. The price analysis shows that in Europe in 2019 on average we spend about 465 Euros for a new smartphone. This is far from the price that would have to be spent on new iPhones.

Falling demand

The majority of the most popular and most buyed smartphones in 2019 are on a much lower price level than Apples iPhones. Although Apple is represented with three devices within the Top10, but these are older models and the entry-level model iPhone XR. The more expensive high-end version, the iPhone XS, can only be found in 17th place of this ranking. The South Korean electronics giant Samsung beats clearly in this ranking.