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Hardware designed by users

Eve V is the second device by the Eve Tech Finland, a group of end users, who develop their own hardware. After their first product, the Eve T1 tablet, the team was still unsatisfied with most devices out there. In the end over 1000 people contributed and collaborated online to craft a device called Eve V. The device is similar to Microsofts Surface Book 4, with and affordable starting price of 1399 USD.

Some of the main features include:

IGZO display 2737 x 1824 pixel resolutionThunderbold 3 connectivity12 hours battery life7th generation Intel Core CPUsDetachable KeyboardWindows 10up to 16 GB of RAMup to 512 GB SSD The shipping of the device will start in March / April 2017. Currently only limited information is available for daily use and its build quality.
Wouldn't it be nice if this group will design and craft a full notebook / surface book / lenovo yoga like device? It would be great to have a real competitor of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon at some time.
You can find more inf…

Mapping solutions enables their users to find their way easily, using mobile, website or kiosk.

Wayfinding solutions support our daily lives in finding our way and optimizing our time. We use them naturally to find the fastest, shortest or optimized route to our desired destination. In many cases it is still connected to outdoor routing like car navigation, hiking, or biking. In addition since several years we face a trend that more and more people move to cities (more than 50% of world population life in cities; mega-cities are growing) also man-made structures and buildings become more and more complex sometime giant. Those buildings include shopping-malls, airports, hospitals, universities, large office structures or government buildings.

Navigation within indoor constructions become challenging for people even if they are familiar to those building. There is an increasing need for solutions that enable fast and easy indoor navigation. Modern Indoor solutions have to be intuitive to use and always accessible.

For indoor navigation similar principles are applied as for outdoor …