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App Script Form to add a Calender Event

Google App Script allows you to automate work flows and create Add-ons with Google Sheets, Docs and Forms. It is also possible to integrate external Google Apps.

One example is to create a Google Calender Entry or Event with an App Script. The following code snipped gives you the idea how it works:

The function doget() is responsible to define the form to enter data needed to create the event. It defines the clickhandler of the submit button.

function doGet() { var app = UiApp.createApplication(); var form = app.createFormPanel(); var grid = app.createGrid(5, 3).setId('gridForm'); var eventTitle= app.createTextBox().setName("eventTitle").setTitle("Event Title"); var descr= app.createTextBox().setName("descr").setTitle("Description"); var lbFromDate = app.createDateBox().setName("lbFromDate").setFormat(UiApp.DateTimeFormat.DATE_TIME_SHORT).setTitle("From"); var lbToDate = app.createDateBox()…