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How to print from legacy applications and platforms

Printfil is an application which allows printing to windows printers from legacy platforms like MS DOS, Unix and Linux via tlnet or other terminal emulator software. It is also possible to print to USB easily. PRN2FILE PRN is well known as a short term for print and used an acronym since the DOS ages. In DOS the command PRN was used for the standard printer parallel Port, often also named as LPT1. The application DOSPRN simulates this. In this ages the LPT1 post was the only and dedicated port for printing and USB, network, Bluetooth and WiFi was not intended or used for printers. With Windows a special kind of FILE was used to send the printing data to the printer. Creating such a file was easy for windows programs and applications., allows selecting to FILE as destination instead of a physical printer. On some situations redirecting a print job to a file on disk is desirable because, for example, the real destination printer is not available in that moment, or just because we want to r…