Samsung Galaxy S3 - Solution for LockScreen issues after Android 4.3 update

Recently Samsung rolled out their Firmware update to Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S3 devices. Since Samsung skipped the update to Android 4.2 the expectations where very high and users of the device have waited für a long time.

Frustration after the perfomed update was great beause the ROM is laggy and expecially the LockScreen reacts very slow. If you press the power button it takes quite a while until the screen wakes up and displays the lock screen.

But there are 2 settings which should be deativated in order to enhance the performance:

  • Settings -> My device -> Smart Screen -> Smart Stay = disable
  • Settings -> My device -> Smart Screen -> Intelligent Rotation = disable

After these changes in settings the device is not perfect but it reacts much more smoothly and decreases lags.
According to several sources Samsung is currently working on a further update bugfix these issues.