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Everything new at Google: The big Google I/O Preview

Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7, Updates of the Nexus 4, Chrome and Google Glass will be in focus of the conference. Originally Google I/O was intended as developer conference but quickly became one of the biggest and most important IT events of the year. We can hardly remember the time where Google was purely a search engine provider. With products such as Android, Chrome (OS) and Google Glass the company is more and more targeting consumer markets.

Expectations are high for this yeas events, which will take place between 15. - 17. May in San Francisco. Like Apple before its WWDC event Google likes to avoid rumours about their latest innovations. These kind of events will have an important include for stock markets and wealth can be increased and decreased dramatically.

Here there is an overview about some pre-released facts and expeditions:
Android Certainly Android will play a central role during the Google I/O, in the same way as the last few years. Everything else would be a big s…