Google Glass + Google Maps - Launch of a new Google Service?

In the source code of Google+ shows some evidence of a new Google Service which could combine Street View, Google Glass and the social network Google+. The name for this service could be YouTour.

Tours can be enriched with Audio and Video comments and shared with friends or other contacts. Capabilities of the service are completely vague, but the name can be read out from several hints in the source code and by several graphic items stored on the server.

Users of Google Glass could record their walks and upload directly on Google Servers. There these walks or tours could be shared with others, which can see and follow the walks. Several technologies could be combined within this Service including GPS data from Google Glass and Street view Information from Google Maps.

If Google wants to improve its StreetView data with this technique is not sure yet, but might be a possible option. A uploaded Tour can be soon under the URL:

The final Tour can look similar to Hyperlapse which is another service. YouTour could be one of the first Killer-Apps for Glass, introducing places and tours to other people, with a new level of quality and realism.

If you have further commands or information to this service please leave a comment.