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SEO optimization - the smart way

Several Months ago Google announced to penalty websites purely focusing on SEO but without reasonable context. The want to filter these kind of sites with an optimized algorithm. This algorithm uses a filter for sites with link-aggregation and spam sites. The search engine provides has started a similar initiative several time ago with their Panda update, which considers the relation between advertising content and real content. Intelligent CrawlerThe newest update of Google concentrate on the SEO influence on the website. Web administrators who make wise use of the SEO optimization and provide quality high articles do not have to be scared about this change. The will benefit because other sides are ranked lower. How to make it smartA smart way to use SEO optimization and advertisement is the Teliad service (buying backlinks, link building and more), where you are able to buy content relevant backlinks, link building and more. But the most important rule is not to exaggerate and delive…