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UltraCam Eagle - Small professional Camera for Areal Imagery

In cooperation with the Austrian companies Wild and Mircosoft Graz (formaly Vexcel) a new UltraCam called Eagle was developed. This digital camera was developed for professional areal imagery and is now significant smaller and lighter as other cameras of this class. It can be mounted even on light and small airplanes. This product was possible becuase of the cooperation between Wild, based in V√∂lkermarkt, Carinthia and Microsoft based in Graz, Styria. 

The UltraCam Eagle is the first digital and big scale areal camera with changeable lenses. The exchangeable lens system can be steared via a sensor. Companies planning areal image flights have now enhanced flexibility in setting different focal distances on te camera. Because of different goverment regulations the flight height has to be planned (e.g. over cities it is not allowed to fly on low heights). By changing focal distances on the camera the flight heights can vary within one flight.  

A seperate computer unit is not necessary any…

Nokia N9 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3)

Have you heard something about Nokia and Android? You would say this combination does not work. But it is possible. Many people like the Nokia N9 because of their hardware but will never buy one because of the dead operating system Meego. Several Developers from NITDroid have now manage to port Android Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nokia N9. They coll this Project Mayhem.

Maybe now some of you would like to see the Nokia N9 as potential device. Currently the Android version 4.0.3 is used and the project claims to be a Alpha version, where not all function will be available. But at least the basement is done and because of the dual boot option the user can choose during the start of the mobile phone which operation system he'd like to run.

A list of available functions can be found on the web page

Galaxy Skin with flexible OLED display will be launched in 2012

The Android-Smartphone will be launched within Q4 of 2012

Samsung is planning to release the "Galaxy Skin" by the end of this year. This smartphone will be the first one with a flexible OLED display. According to first news about this device the 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscree will have a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy Skin will be 8 mm thick and its display can be twisted in different directions.

Beside the Galaxy Skin Samsung will release a new version of their flagship device Samsung Galaxy S III. First rumors describe it as Quad-core device with 1080p screen resolution.

galaxy s III tasche