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Showing posts from October, 2011

Something Bigger than the disappointing iPhone 4S

One week after the presentation of Apples iPhone 4S Samsung will announce a new Android flagship device. Samsung together with Google presents a new teaser video for its Google Episode, occuring on Octover 11th. In this video they form the slogan: Something BIG is coming. 

After the disapointment of Apples new iPhone 4S we will see what the latest technological inovations in the mobile market really are. Of couse Samsung and Google have not presented a detailed view to the device yet, but from the video you can clearly see that the device will have a cured display similar to the Samsung Nexus S.

The name of the device is also unknown even if most of the rumors speak about te new Nexus Prime.

This device might be the latest Android Flagship device from Samsung and official promoted by Goolge. It can be expected that the next Google Nexus device will be from Motorola.

It is likely that Google will introduce Andoid Ice Cream Sandwich on this Event. It can be expected that Voice Search and Vo…

GIS is more than visualizing maps (Universtiy Perspective)

Todd Schuble introduces GIS to IT professionals at the University of Chicago. He explains what it is, how one can use it, and what its benefits could be for the university beyond just helping researchers spatialize their data.

This was the eighth in a series of “Scoops”—short presentations about topics important to IT types at the university.

Scoop #8, GIS, the True Story from Moacir P. de Sá Pereira on Vimeo.