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First Android 4.0 smartphone planned for October 2011

The next big evolution called Ice Cream Sandwich of Android Smart Phones is planned concurrent with Apples iPhone5 time plan. Both devices should be announced during this fall. Google brought forward its announcement in order to challenge Apple for the upcoming holiday season.

With Ice Cream Sandwich, both development lines – Gingerbread (2.3) for Smartphones and Honeycomb (3.2) for Tablets – will be harmonized. Google calls this version as most advanced and ambitious version jet, without giving more details about new features.

Worldwide debts and credit rating mapped

The national debt of countries represents how much money the government of that country owes. Like a household budget, national debt gets larger when a government spends more than it takes in. This can continue for years, or even decades. This budget deficit is the total amount of this debt that has grown over time, with interest charged adding significantly to the amount owed by the government.

The amount owed varies greatly with the amount of money a country generates, its population and how much its government spends. In Germany, the national debt is $1.79 trillion. This represents 62.6 percent of Germany’s gross domestic product, or GDP. In The U.K. the national debt is $42.2 trillion. This is 47.2 percent of the GDP of the U.K.

In Russia, the national debt is $151.3 billion. This is 6.8 percent of the Russian GDP. Italy owes a national debt of $1.89 trillion, or 103.7 percent of the Italian GDP. The national debt of France is $1.40 trillion. This is 67 percent of France’s GDP.

Mapnificent - Public Transport Travel Time Application

How far can you come with public transportation?
This question can be usered by the visualisation service Mapnificent, which was developed by the German student Stefan Wehrmeyer. The websites shows the area within the city, which can be reached from a given location within a spezified period of time. Mapnificent also provides an API where this data can be used for own custom applications.

Wehrmeyer started his service for Berlin and London. Now Mapnificent supports numerous cities in Europe, Austrialia, New Zealand and the US. The calculation of travel time are collected based on the GTFS Data Exchange.

GooApple 3G - high quality iPhone 4 clone running Android

Chinese Smartphone is an exact iPhone 4 replica with Android 2.2 Froyo and iOS-Icons
Chinese Fake factories have produced a lot of replicated gadgets, which are known as cheap and low quality imitates of well known brands. Products from Nokia and Blackberry are used for "inspiration" and sold with funny names like "Blockberry" and "Nckia". Of course the favourite brand is Apple and its iPhone.  The latest product is called "GooApple", where the design of Apples iPhone 4 is mixed with Google Android software technology. iPhone 4-Design This devices uses the iPhone 4 design in an exact way. For this reason original accessories can be used for the fake iPhone as well. The hardware components are different as well. For example insted of Apples A4 processor, the chinese phones uses a Qualcomm-Processor and instead of Micro-SIM card a normal sized SIM is used. Other specification are the same as for the original: WLAN, 3G, 3.5 inch touchscreen (but lowe…

ArcGIS 10.1 Beta Launch and Deprecation Plan

ArcGIS 10.1 Beta 1 is now available for download to all those that have registered and been accepted into the program. Downloads have been made available from the Customer Care Portal and information and how to access this can be found on the ArcGIS Beta Community Site. This site is the portal for all information related to the beta.

One big drawback of ArcGIS 10.1:
There is no change in Desktop at 10.1 in regards to 64-bit support. ArcMap is a 32-bit application, but ESRI do support it running on 64-bit Windows. Currently ESRI is workung on a research project for native 64-bit ArcGIS application but it is not going to make 10.1.
ArcGIS 10.1 Deprecation Plan:
ARCGIS DESKTOP 10.1 ArcGIS 10.1 will no longer support the Solaris versions of ArcReader and ArcGIS Engine.ArcGIS 10.1 will be the last release supporting ArcReader for Linux.  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 will be supported.  However, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Lin…