Battle between new premium Androids

Slashgear compared the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2 with each other. These two phones are equipped with the latest and most advanced hardware phones can have these days. Both devices are currently available throughout 
Europe. Slashgear has produced a video, which explans the differences between these two phones.


Of course each of the phones has advantages and disadvantages.  For example the Galaxy S2 is very slim and can be put into the pocket easily. The HTC Sensation feels better in the hand but is also much larger.  HTC Sensation with its high resolution (960 x 540) renders websites clear and brilliant but of course the Galaxy S2 and its Super AMOLED Plus screen has advantages as well (even though the resolution is limited to 800 x 480).

It is not easy to find a clear winner between these two. Users will decide based on minor personal preferences like the custom user interface (e.g. Sense or TouchWiz). On the technical point of view both gadgets are very good. In most benchmarks the S2 is a little bit faster than the Sensation. All in all a hard decision if you wanna have the latest High-End smartphone.

Displayschutzfolie HTC Sensation

htc sensation tasche

htc sensation auto halterung