Intelligent travel guide, able to learn

Triposo is an interesting startup, which builds interactive travel guides for smart phones. Triposo was a side project of two Google engineers, who spend their 20% time for this project. Now the decided to found their own company and focus on their idea full time.

Their aim is to create a world wide travel guide for mobile device by aggregating open content for numerous sources in the web. A clever algorithm will decide on the fly which is relevant for you. The idea is: Whereever you are, Triposo, will tell you where to go and what to do, based on personal preferences. Triposo is design to learn from personal behavior. For these reasons the travel guide will be different from person to person. It’s not a standard travel book which is the same for all people who buy. It will be your personal travel guide.
Of course they will use maps as main metaphor to transport travel information. Founders believe in open content, and will strongly use Wikitravel, Wikipedia, World66 and Openstreetmap which are already the best sources for any traveler.

Currently they are busy making complete country guides available to cover more and more from the whole world. Up to now a bunch of city guides of iOS and Android is available. After expanding the coverage of their guide the founders have announced to add new functionality to make these applications even better.
I found the topic very interesting and will keep focused on their efforts to create a complete travel guide.