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Andorid 3.1 Gingerbread update for Asus Eee Pad Transformer

There is no official version of Android 3.1 for Asus’s Eee Pad Transformer available jet. Today Asus will announce new devices (the Padfone). In context of this announcement it is very likely that Asus will reveal some further details for the rollout of Android 3.1.
For those of you who cannot wait for these official updates there is the possibility to download the 220 MB large ROM manually (but it is not sure yet if this version will be the final release). The ROM image is compied on the SD card and installed via the Bootloader. To do this you have to shut down the Tablet and press “Volume” and “Power” button on the same time. After this you have to press “Volume up” within 5 seconds of time – otherwise the phone will reset to manufacturer settings.
Android 3.1 includes better performance and enhanced task bar as well as resizable widgets. Problems during installation of the custom ROM are not known.
The rooted version can be found at:…

Battle between new premium Androids

Slashgear compared the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2 with each other. These two phones are equipped with the latest and most advanced hardware phones can have these days. Both devices are currently available throughout  Europe. Slashgear has produced a video, which explans the differences between these two phones.

Of course each of the phones has advantages and disadvantages.  For example the Galaxy S2 is very slim and can be put into the pocket easily. The HTC Sensation feels better in the hand but is also much larger.  HTC Sensation with its high resolution (960 x 540) renders websites clear and brilliant but of course the Galaxy S2 and its Super AMOLED Plus screen has advantages as well (even though the resolution is limited to 800 x 480).
It is not easy to find a clear winner between these two. Users will decide based on minor personal preferences like the custom user interface (e.g. Sense or TouchWiz). On the technical point of view both gadgets are very good. In most benc…

Precize 3-D model of Mount Everest

The highest mountain on earth is now available as 3D terrain model free for download. The resolution of the model is 50 by 50 cm. Not everyone can climb the Mount Everest (even though several hundred cimbs are registered each year, and still claim their victims) from their living room.

Video: Mount Everest in 3D - Herstellervideo (1:34)

Scientists of the DLR (Deutsches Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt) together with 3D Realitymaps and Digitalglobe have calculated a realistic three-dimensional model based on satellite imagery. The software for calculating the model was originally used for making 3D models of Mars. According to scientists currently it is not possible to create a more precise model based on civil satellites. The 8848 meters high mountain was recorded by various satellites and different angles. These data builds the foundation of the terrain model and 3D textures. To use the model on your personal computer you have to install a special viewer which can be downloaded via htt…

Not everything at Nokia is a distaster - Take the Ovi Maps department as positive example

Recent news about Nokia have not been very positive. First there was the anouncement that Nokia will do a partnership with Microsoft and replace their legacy mobile operating system Symbian with Windows Phone 7. Later Nokia informed the press that they cut 4000 jobs world wide - All in all they do not perform well recently and mobile competitors head away.
But eventhough Nokia faces a though time there seems to be one department within the concern who brings innovation after innovation and surpises with great new products. The OVI map group at Nokia does a great job. Recently the have announced OVI Maps 3D. This thing will blow you away. If you think Google Earth is cool then you will be thrilled to see OVI Maps in 3D. This piece of technology puts Google Earth Tech to Shame.
Ovi Maps 3D is 3D aerial mapping on the block. The technological background comes from a company called C3 Technologies, who has now partnered with Nokia to deliver the first usable version of its mapping data with…

Intelligent travel guide, able to learn

Triposo is an interesting startup, which builds interactive travel guides for smart phones. Triposo was a side project of two Google engineers, who spend their 20% time for this project. Now the decided to found their own company and focus on their idea full time.

Their aim is to create a world wide travel guide for mobile device by aggregating open content for numerous sources in the web. A clever algorithm will decide on the fly which is relevant for you. The idea is: Whereever you are, Triposo, will tell you where to go and what to do, based on personal preferences. Triposo is design to learn from personal behavior. For these reasons the travel guide will be different from person to person. It’s not a standard travel book which is the same for all people who buy. It will be your personal travel guide. Of course they will use maps as main metaphor to transport travel information. Founders believe in open content, and will strongly use Wikitravel, Wikipedia, World66 and Openstreetmap w…