Worldwide nuclear power plants near earthquake zones

Japans earthquake and the related Nuclear incidents at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant has recalled the threatening endangerment of nuclear power. The author of has wondered about the location of worldwide power station, in relation to active earthquake zones. 
The result is a map which shows an alarmingly picture:

With this in mind, the author of maptd has created a map combining two sets of information:
  • A heatmap of every 4.5+ magnitude earthquake since to 1973 – around 174,000 in total
  • The location of 248 atomic energy plants, including numbers of reactors. Represented by blue markers.
The seismic data are from the United States Geological Survey and the nuclear power station information the International Atomic Energy Agency. The map is built from two Google Fusion tables, here and here.
To see the actual locations of the earthquakes you can toggle the heatmap off and display markers instead.