ESRI Developer Summit 2011 - Major Topics

ESRI’s developer Conference is starting today in Palm Springs California. This will be the largest Developer Summit yet. This reflects the trend from GIS Professionals towards GIS Developers.
This year’s developer conference will focus on several highlights of ESRI geospatial technology and their visions of the future. I expect following topics:
  • Strategic partnerships with leading IT innovators and companies like IBM and Microsoft.
  • Presentation of ArcGIS 10.1 with new features and expected release date.
  • New more powerful version of ArcExplorer and ArcExplorer Web edition.
  • Evolution of Web APIs (Javascript, Silverlight and Flex).
  • Presentation of Web API for mobile (more details on ArcGIS for Android, release expected by May 2011). In addition to Android there is support for iOS and Windows Phone 7.
  • Official Support end of WEB ADF for ArcGIS Server and strategies/technologies for post WEB ADF.
  • Basemaps are becoming public available (for non-commercial and commercial use). ESRIs vision to become geospatial service provider. ESRI as “curator” of geospatial information.
  • Cloud based geospatial technology
  • And other stuff I don’t know right now
Agenda and presentations: