Elop killed Symbian and MeeGo within 1 minute

Now it is official. Microsoft and Nokia will enter a strategic allay to strengthen their position on the mobile market. Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop has introduced the radical change and killed Symbian and MeeGo within 1 minute. The equity price of Nokia dropped about 10 percent.
The partnership will Microsoft includes Windows Phone 7 as primary platform for all Nokia devices and cooperation in the advertisement market, search market (Bing) and gaming market (Xbox-Live connection for Nokia).
With this cooperation Nokia will not simple take software from Microsoft, but will use own software and hardware innovations, experiences and expertise in to produce competitive mobile products. For example it is planned to use Bing as default search engine and establish adCenter from Microsoft for advertising. Nokia Maps will become a central part of the Windows Pone 7 Services. And the company’s approaches to create an App Store will be merged to one central platform for applications and services.