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CynaogenMod 7 RC1: Android-Community is faster than Handset manufacturer

One of the most discussed topics among the Android community is the OS update policy of various hardware manufacturers. Even for actual smart phones it lasts very long until new firmware versions are available. For some smart phones these companies disclaim new major update releases. Currently none of the major manufacturer has released an update to Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread). This includes also Googles Nexus One (still running Android 2.2). The only phone running Gingerbread is the Nexus S, but this phone was already shipped with Gingerbread. The Android Community instead proves that it is possible to update a wide range of devices. Developers of the CyanogenMod projects introduced the first release candidate for CyanagenMod 7 which is an alternative firmware using Android 2.3.2. Therefore the CyanogenMod project is faster than all commercial companies eventhough it is available for a wide range of devices, including Google Nexus One, Desire Z, Evo 4G, MyTouch 4G, etc. Beside Android 2…

Samsung Galaxy S2 – more with less

A lot of people expected the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S was Samsungs flagship for Android decives and sold over 10 million times. Now Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy S2. The device was introduced with the motto „more with less“. More: More performance with the unknown 1Ghz Dual Core Processor (maybe Exynos-Processor and quard core GPU). We can be exited how this processor permorms in comparison with the Tegra 21 GB RAM8 MP camera and full HD4.3” sAMOLEDplus Display 800x480 pixel resolution1650 mAh battery (700 hours stand by)Less: Only 116 gramm8.49 mm thinAn HDMI connector is missing.
Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 Displayschutzfolie

Elop killed Symbian and MeeGo within 1 minute

Now it is official. Microsoft and Nokia will enter a strategic allay to strengthen their position on the mobile market. Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop has introduced the radical change and killed Symbian and MeeGo within 1 minute. The equity price of Nokia dropped about 10 percent. The partnership will Microsoft includes Windows Phone 7 as primary platform for all Nokia devices and cooperation in the advertisement market, search market (Bing) and gaming market (Xbox-Live connection for Nokia). Elop anncounced partnership (video) With this cooperation Nokia will not simple take software from Microsoft, but will use own software and hardware innovations, experiences and expertise in to produce competitive mobile products. For example it is planned to use Bing as default search engine and establish adCenter from Microsoft for advertising. Nokia Maps will become a central part of the Windows Pone 7 Services. And the company’s approaches to create an App Store will be merged to one central plat…