Android Honeycomb, Ice Cream and Fragmentation

It is very likely that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will not be released to smart phones. But of course there are plans to integrate Honeycomb features to the smartphone world over time. Some rumors talk about Ice Cream as code name for Android version 2.4 and successor of Gingerbread.
Google has their focus on Tablets with Honeycomb starting a new branch of the Android OS. The next steps will deal with a merge between the tablet and smartphone braches of Android. For smartphones the next iteration will be 2.4 which is expected during Google I/O in may.
It can be assumed that smartphones will continue with 2.x version numbers and tablets with 3.x version numbers. Maybe the full merge will take place with the major version 4.0. Currently developers hassle with increasing fragmentation of Android.
Another Update defines Android version 2.4 again as Gingerbread. If this is true we will have the same situation as with 2.0 and 2.1, where both versions are called Eclair. This decision might be taken to draw off the attention of fragmentation.